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Sessions are offered in person or remotely via zoom/phone.

*Group / Corporate Event bookings available, pease contact me directly for more info*

Chakra Realignment

75 minutes / $175

** recommended for first time clients **

Starting at the Crown and moving through to the Root, Reiki will be sent to each of the chakras (working with the 7 chakra system) to help re-direct and release stagnant energy and bring in whatever you are calling for at the time of our session. Our chakras are inextricably linked to our physical, emotional and spiritual well being and when they are in healthy circulation we feel the benefits in all aspects of our life. If you have a specific ailment or condition (physical / emotional / spiritual) that you are looking to heal, we can give extra love to these areas in session.

Reiki Supported Meditation

45 minutes / $85

** can be done solo or in groups of any size **

Rather than connecting directly with your energy, I will hold space for you to experience a Reiki supported meditation to provide healing, insight and guidance for wherever you are in life. I will give you a number of experiences to choose from prior to the session, each offering a different expression of Reiki energy for a particular intention. There are no wrong choices, just go with whichever one resonates most strongly. We'll do a short visualization to bring you into a receptive state and then I will invite Reiki to flow. 

Reiki With Intention

75 minutes / $180

** this session has some homework **

A - Blockage Release

Removes unhelpful energies stored in the physical body, aura, and chakras that are limiting you from embracing your most authentic self. It is important to identify the blockage(s) that you are ready and willing to release prior to the session.


B - Empowering Goals

Supports achievement of a desired goal by clearing stored energies that are currently adding resistance. It is important to identify the blockage(s) that are standing in the way of your goal prior to the session. Note that some goals are not in alignment with your life path and it is possible that this will be made clear to you during this process. 

Vibration Booster 

45 minutes / $85

** for attuned reiki practitioners**

This is a session for those who have already been attuned to Reiki from any system. I will conduct a Holy Fire® World Peace Reiki Placement to boost your vibration with these energies. This energetic upgrade will help to expand your abilities at whatever level you are currently practicing, supporting the development of your unique skills as a healer.

Spirit Attachment Release

Using Reiki energies, any unhelpful spirits, entities & energetic attachments will gently be released from either a person or a place. This session is gentle but effective. Attachment releases for a space are conducted via zoom, I will need clear photos of the location where the presence is felt prior to the work so that I can direct the healing energy appropriately.  Any coords and connectors affecting your well-being will be cut, and peace and safety will be restored with powerful protective Reiki energies in place. 

For Person - 60 minutes / $150

For Place - 45 minutes / $125

Reiki for Kids

60 minutes / $50

** 5-18 years old**

In this session I will meet your child and their energies as they are. This profoundly gentle practice can support their system in finding its own unique balance, offering a quieting of the mind, facilitating physical and emotional well-being and providing a safe space for them to process whatever is moving through them at the time of our work. Consent is a requirement for Reiki to be effective, it will not flow if the receiver is not open to it so please do not push your child into a session if they do not want it. *If you would like Reiki for your child under 5 years old, please write me and we can discuss options.*

Holy Fire® Reiki is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand


Reiki Offerings

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