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I have always felt things very deeply and been acutely aware of my connection to the beings with whom I share this planet. This sensitivity can be very overwhelming, and before I had the tools to cope, it often seemed like a burden. Things left untended materialize as anxieties and explosions of emotion, as pains, tensions, and discomforts in my body.  So many of us move through this world suffering in silence, carrying both physical and emotional hurts that we are taught we just need to live with. I do not accept this. The things we carry in our body and the emotional reactions we experience are messages. Through my Reiki practice, I have learned how to listen for the answers that are always available in our hearts if we take the time to tune in. I have learned how to begin letting go of things that do not serve me to make space for that which brings me true growth and joy. I have remembered the importance of nurturing whatever keeps the spark of magic alive in my life. Through my Reiki practice, the burden of deep feeling has been transmuted into the gift I now recognize it to be.  


My aim as a healer is to hold space for you to just be, as you are, without judgement. Not to "fix you", but rather to support you in recognizing where you need to tend to yourself so that you can thrive. I aim to be a source of gentle encouragement as you reconnect with your truest Self. The Self that exists within us all, no matter how distant it may seem. 


This Self is not ashamed or afraid of feeling good, of expressing in whatever way feels authentic, of letting their light shine brightly. 


This Self knows that they belong, that they are here with a purpose, that they have unique gifts that are meant to be shared.


This Self notices things in daily life that inspire wonder.


This Self allows their imagination to run wild, to dream big. 


This Self remembers to play and explore and learn and connect. 


This Self understands that separation from nature and the non-human is just an illusion, that all life is woven from the same thread


This Self engages with the world with open ears, open eyes and an open heart, building communities of reciprocity and love that sustain the planet. 


We all deserve to come home to our Self and I am honoured to support you on this journey.



my variation on the original Reiki ideals

Today, I will allow myself to feel all of my feelings.

I will hold tender space for whatever arises,

and if any of these feelings are not serving my truest self,

I will let them go with love. 

Today, I will approach all of my endeavours with care and with diligence. 


Today, I will treat all life with love, kindness and respect

I will practice reciprocity with this beautiful Earth, and all of the beings who call her home.

Today, I will honour and acknowledge the gentle whisperings of my heart.

 I will listen and I will act upon them.


Today I will remember gratitude

me and sprouts

Gratitude For My Teachers

Thank you to all the teachers, healers, guides and mentors I have learned from thus far and to all those who are yet to come. Whether I have worked with you directly or through resources you have made available, I am forever filled with gratitude.


Links to their platforms below for any who are interested <3

Lorena Rossi, Elena Oulianova, Vanessa Muri, Amanda Yates Garcia, Lindsay MackMystical Mandrake Root, Yumi Sakugawa, Janet Lo, Share the Light, advayaWilliam Lee Rand, The Art of Living Foundation

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